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Top 10 breakthrough technologies that will change the world

 Top 10 breakthrough technologies that will change the world Energy from the air Probability: 85% Soon our homes will "get smarter". And for this to happen, they must be filled with numerous devices that will make our lives easier. Motion sensors, temperature sensors, air pollution sensors, various photo and video cameras, and much more. They all need food. But it is expensive to lead wires to them or constantly change batteries. Several groups of researchers are working to ensure that various gadgets can get energy, as they say, from the air. The space around us is filled with radio waves, such as Wi-Fi radio signals. Scientists from the University of Washington took a standard Wi-Fi router, made small changes to it, and now it can be used as a power source for remote devices. At the same time, it can still perform its main function, and the quality of communication was not affected by the alteration. Scientists managed to power a small camera and a thermal sensor with elect

Communication as a way to achieve harmony in the family. Secrets of successful relationships.

  In life, we face different circumstances. Sometimes it is not easy to find a common language even with the closest and dearest people. Often people do not understand, resent each other. What should I do? How can I fix the situation? This article will focus on communication, which, we can say, is one of the key ingredients, both in the professional sphere and in family, everyday life. It's hard to imagine a world without communication. What is communication? Communication is a process in which people exchange their thoughts, ideas, and various information and listen to each other. Proper communication can help preserve your marriage, make your family stronger, and become an indispensable skill.  Why is communication important? Unfortunately, there is such an idea in the modern world: "Everything to you and nothing to anyone!". You can call it quite selfish.  The problem is that many people often think only about themselves and their problems. Sometimes we can't or do

Problems with overweight and obesity.

 Problems with overweight and obesity.   Why is it important to control and maintain a healthy weight and prevent obesity? this is very important for overall health, maintaining a healthy weight will help you prevent and control many diseases and conditions of the body.If you are overweight or obese, you are at greater risk of developing serious health problems, including: Heart disease High pressure Type 2 diabetes Gallstone Problems with the respiratory system Some types of cancer  Knowing your illnesses will help you fight them more effectively, protect yourself from serious health problems, and improve your quality of life.  Maintaining a healthy weight will help you avoid these problems, help you feel better, give you self-confidence, and provide you with extra energy to enjoy your life. What factors influence a healthy weight? Many factors can affect a person's weight. Here are some of them:  Environment Genetic predisposition Metabolism (converting food and oxygen into energ

How natural phenomena affect human health.

How natural phenomena affect human health.  Weather dependence. Weather dependence, it affects almost three-quarters of the world's population. Even in very distant times, it was noticed that under certain weather conditions: increased atmospheric pressure, rain, magnetic storms, sudden changes in temperature, and so on, the human body begins to give out special reactions in the form of all sorts of ailments (headache, aching bones, etc.). Also, during such periods, some diseases, especially of a chronic nature, worsened. In our time, all these comments are already scientifically justified. Most often, it affects people who have undergone various operations, concussion, and who have problems in the venous or arterial system (atherosclerosis, vegetative-vascular dystonia). Also, the weather begins to affect people with age, when the immune system weakens and other protective functions of the body weaken. Young people, up to forty years old, consider all this far-fetched. It is impor

What do you actually eat? Because Your Food is your Health

   What do you actually eat?   A healthy diet is the key to health, well – being, beautiful appearance and just a good mood. As one famous American chef Paul Prudhomme said: "you don't need a silver spoon to eat healthy food." But sometimes buying products under the guise of "natural, healthy" food, we can simply harm our health. Unfortunately, there are still products in the US that are banned in other countries.  Eating right is the first step to a healthy lifestyle. But can you always be sure that the products you buy, or rather the ingredients, are safe for your health? Buying sweets and other treats, we simply forget that many of these products are simply teeming with harmful food additives and preservatives. In our previous article, "Healthy eating is the key to a healthy body", you can find a list of the main "dangerous" ingredients, additives, dyes, etc. What ingredients should be avoided when buying a particular product and why? Many

7 tricks to stop being afraid to perform : The Best Solution

 7 tricks to stop being afraid to perform Many of us are familiar with this frightening feeling, aren't we? It is absolutely normal when we are afraid of something and try to fight it. But, often, people are afraid to change anything and naively try to escape from their fears and experiences. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish fear from any other feeling.  What is fear? In psychology, fear is a basic "emotion" that we experience every day at work, at school, on the street, at home, and in any other place. Fear is mainly caused by your personality traits or self-doubt. Many people are afraid of different things: water, heights, pain, failure, death. The fear may be the same, but people start to behave in completely different ways: someone is panic-stricken, someone ceases to control their emotions. This article will focus on the well-known phobia: the so-called" stage fright". Many people say that their biggest fear is public speaking at an event, concert,