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7 steps to Success: transforming your personality with music

 How does playing a musical instrument help you successfully integrate into a new reality? Our century is a new era of technology and development. It dictates to all of us its challenges, conditions and ways to implement them. And modern man is a product of corporate influence. What in these realities becomes the language of individuality, a way of realizing the individual as such? Only our creative potential! And what maximizes the creative potential of the individual, combining the highest intensity of both intelligence and emotions? Music and play. In the field of business, the concept of seven touches is known: in order, in addition to interest, the client has formed a trusting attitude to the product, a person on average needs to interact with it seven times — to see, hear, get advice from a friend, and so on. What happens when we interact with music? First is the lack of understanding. In the absolute majority, a protective mechanism is activated against everything new — surprise

15 Tips on How Successful People Think

 15 Tips on How Successful People Think   How do the most successful people in the world differ from everyone else? They think differently, communicate with those who challenge them, take into account the expiration date of the idea, live differently. a good idea can change your whole life. BusinessInsider has selected the best tips from John Maxwell's book "How Successful People Think". Do you also think that all successful people are smart? 1. Thinking is like a sport. Exercise to get better Create a "thinking graph". Chick-Fil-A CEO Dan Cathy sets aside half a day a fortnight, a full day a month, and three to four days a year for mind training. 2. Find what you should focus your energy on, and then apply the 80/20 rule Direct 80% of your energy to the most important 20% of your efforts. Remember that you can't be everywhere, know everything and keep up with everything. Avoid multitasking: spraying forces takes up 40% of your energy. 3. Smart people test t

Correct operation of household appliances

 Many breakdowns of household appliances, which lead to expensive repairs, occur due to improper operation of equipment. Yes, simple rules of care can save you money on repairs. Correct operation of household appliances Contents: 1. Proper operation of the washing machine 2. Proper operation of the refrigerator 3. Proper operation of the dishwasher 4. Correct operation of the kitchen hood 5. Correct operation of the vacuum cleaner 6. Proper operation of the microwave oven   READ Problems with overweight and obesity Proper operation of the washing machine For each household appliance, an instruction has been developed, which indicates how to use the appliance correctly. But users do not always use the manual, and hold it in their hands for the first and last time. And in vain, because proper operation is the key to a long and high-quality operation of the household appliance. There are several rules, adhering to which you can avoid premature repair of the washing machine: 1. Do not over

Sharing impressions from watching the movie "Fire", after which I changed my mind about the actor's Affair Corzine

Sharing impressions from watching the movie "Fire", after which I changed my mind about the actor's Affair Corzine Good day, friends! As you may know, recently released a new film "Fire" with the participation of such actors as: Konstantin Khabensky, Andrey Smolyakov, Irina Gorbacheva and the actor, which will be discussed in today's article - Roman Kurtsyn. By the way, did you know that: 1. the film was shot from may to September 2019 and the crew advised the MOE specialists of Avialesookhrana, they also provided air transport for filming 2. a scene in which put out a forest fire with the help of the be-200, filmed with six cameras simultaneously 3. the film includes real footage of forest fires in the Krasnoyarsk Territory 4. not a single living tree was destroyed when creating the fire element, for this purpose large-scale forest decorations were used using purchased-cut trees Well, how can you not subscribe to the channel if you are not already subscribe