7 steps to Success: transforming your personality with music

 How does playing a musical instrument help you successfully integrate into a new reality?

Our century is a new era of technology and development. It dictates to all of us its challenges, conditions and ways to implement them. And modern man is a product of corporate influence. What in these realities becomes the language of individuality, a way of realizing the individual as such? Only our creative potential! And what maximizes the creative potential of the individual, combining the highest intensity of both intelligence and emotions? Music and play.

In the field of business, the concept of seven touches is known: in order, in addition to interest, the client has formed a trusting attitude to the product, a person on average needs to interact with it seven times — to see, hear, get advice from a friend, and so on. What happens when we interact with music?

First is the lack of understanding. In the absolute majority, a protective mechanism is activated against everything new — surprise and rejection of the unfamiliar and "dangerous".
Then-interest. The inexhaustible range of emotions with which music affects the human psyche, sooner or later makes you think. Music causes a number of associations that facilitate its perception, and cause further interest in it.

7 steps to Success: transforming your personality with music

* Engagement. You can turn away from a painting or sculpture, close a book, and stop dancing. Music remains in our minds for a long time after listening, and can arise spontaneously, without any external influences-remember the cases when the melody is "stuck" in the head.

* Insight. This is a way out of the comfort zone, focusing on the inner experiences of sound and melody and the associations and memories that arise in the process.

* Diving. Music allows each person to plunge deeply into a state similar to meditation. There is an emotional exchange: we enter into this sensation, and it penetrates us.

* Catharsis. It can only be experienced through art. And the strongest impulse can be music or theater — it is not surprising that the halls of theaters and concert venues are filled with people every night, and now the broadcasts of the world's best shows make the box office of streaming platforms. Getting a storm of different emotions in a couple of hours, you return to your life as a different person-renewed, cleansed of excess. Full reboot.

* Charge. Having felt this state received from music, we bring it further into the world and share it with others — whether it is a harmonious calm or a charge of cheerfulness. 

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7 steps to Success transforming your personality with music

7 steps to Success transforming your personality with music

Now let's look at a person who plays any musical instrument - it does not matter whether it is a professional or an amateur. The process of playing music cleanses the brain of obsessive thoughts and obsession with routine, relieves tension and anxiety, and gives an emotional reboot. It is no coincidence that both Albert Einstein and the literary character Sherlock Holmes — typical personifications of geniuses — played the violin in moments of reflection.

If sports allow us to restart emotional responses and restore resources through the physical level, then music allows us to go through all levels at once. During the performance, there is an instant immersion in the process and full concentration on it. Already the first sound extracted gives an instant emotional response — and it does not matter that the person has not even started to "play beautifully".

Learning to play the piano in adulthood comes mainly to people in a state of transformation or crisis: growth in a career or in business, a leap or transition to a new level in any area of life — married, divorced, moved. And life, like business, is a constant growth, who freezes in place-regresses. A person intuitively looks for a powerful resource for a breakthrough or growth. Especially a person who is used to being responsible for his life and the results of his ambitions. Those who have been engaged in music since childhood simply do not have to spend time on the missing competencies — they remain with the person for life.

Russian entrepreneur and public figure Igor Rybakov (78th in the Forbes list) perfectly formulated the relationship between musical creativity and success in any field in an interview with Forbes about the release of his first musical album:

"I like this way of expressing myself and communicating my soul vibrations. It feeds me and gives me great pleasure. In addition, since childhood I love to play the guitar, piano, flute. Music, songs are a sponsor of new neural connections for me. I have long noticed that such creativity greatly improves the quality of life, the quality of living, business results, life and social results. All this affects me in an extraordinary way, and it would be stupid not to do it."

The fact is that the performance of a musical work becomes for us a real therapy that works for the individual.

In the era of the information boom, most of us are used to switching from work and everyday issues to light entertainment content — watch movies and TV series in our free time, read blogs and light books, play video games. All this contributes to getting quick, but superficial emotions-fun-sad, calm-scary — and a kind of" escape " to another world, where you can feel bolder, more successful, more loved, and the end is sure to be happy.

Music is a means of immersion in your own inner world, where you set the rules yourself, and not someone else. And with the same message, you go out into the outer world. This is a chance to understand and see your real self, the depth of your feelings and the boundlessness of possibilities, and also to step on the path of joining the world of art, creativity and real "bohemia", which many people confuse with a Friday night drinking with friends or colleagues.

In psychology, there are several types of information perception, according to which a person is classified as visual, auditory, kinesthetic or discrete-digital. Usually, each personality has one or two leading channels, and all four are simultaneously manifested. Music just has the ability to engage and reveal all levels of perception - through touching keys or strings, reading and memorizing notes, listening to extracted sounds and understanding the mechanism of the process.

Music affects us in such a way that the need for socialization returns — we want to go out into the outside world, communicate with people, share experiences, and not close ourselves in with our problems. And teaches you to manage your emotions. After playing the instrument, any problem is no longer perceived as something global and unsolvable.

Yevgenia Arestova
Yevgenia Arestova, business consultant, political strategist, project manager for the construction of a city in the Krasnodar Territory, mother of five children:

At a certain level of income, it is very important to learn to listen and hear-otherwise there will be no further movement. And how to learn to hear? You need to learn to hear music. Not only words, but also mood, intonation, meaning. Music helps with this, especially music without words. In addition, while you listen, you are silent. The music cannot be interrupted, only "sing along". And for a businessman and negotiator, listening and listening is generally a basic skill.

Creativity helps you overcome everything. If you yourself have just created something, created something right now, and you have got the result — how can you think that something will not work out? And you get used to it and believe that you will always succeed everywhere. Nicely. Sooner or later. Necessarily. Fears become less at times!

Through music, everything is perceived differently, everything is seen differently. Your negotiations will go differently. Your conversations will go differently. Your intonation will be different, especially if you sing.

If you suddenly do not know how to play — you always have a voice, you can sing a new melody and record it on a voice recorder. Family anthems or the anthem of your business, your organization-is the embodiment of your creativity, your personality and your transformations.

Love Stenyakina

Love Stenyakina, a producer of television projects:

Television is an absolutely crazy business. Showbiz is resting! And burnout, emotional and intellectual, is a constant scourge of a TV personality of any career level. Working on a project, or even on several (dozens) at the same time, with different teams — in the order of things. Imagine this constant multitasking and stress level? I literally found salvation in playing the piano, and I can safely say that I saved several of my colleagues.

Now, when projects are stopped and closed "on the fly", emotional adequacy is especially relevant, otherwise you will go off the rails. Three years ago, it was this that finally pushed me to take up music classes, which I had actually dreamed of since childhood. But "it's not serious and you need talent", you understand… Now my favorite "Roland" travels with me to all the venues — because 5-10 minutes of playing, even with headphones, always return to a normal human state. "Moonlight Sonata" does not go away, it sounds every time, and it sounds beautiful and soothing-from under my hands, with which I literally create a new reality for myself. All brilliant music is eternal, understandable, relevant — and playing, you understand how transient everything else is. Momentary problems, which in our work are a hundred per hour-even more so. Calms and restores energy like nothing else! And most importantly, it calms and charges the brain with balance and insights.

Music is the same language of communication as everyone else. It is a language not only of sounds, intellectual communications, but also of feelings, emotions, and experiences. Music is a process. The process of creativity and enjoyment, cognition and thinking, programming and problem solving. And this can not only be learned at any age, but also actively used in life!

That is why instant concentration on your own inner feelings and resources in the process of playing a musical instrument is a habit characteristic of a successful and fulfilled person. It is also the key to solving the many problems that our incredibly complex and insatiable psyche constantly interacts with.


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