Sharing impressions from watching the movie "Fire", after which I changed my mind about the actor's Affair Corzine

Sharing impressions from watching the movie "Fire", after which I changed my mind about the actor's Affair Corzine

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As you may know, recently released a new film "Fire" with the participation of such actors as: Konstantin Khabensky, Andrey Smolyakov, Irina Gorbacheva and the actor, which will be discussed in today's article - Roman Kurtsyn.

Fire movie

By the way, did you know that:

1. the film was shot from may to September 2019 and the crew advised the MOE specialists of Avialesookhrana, they also provided air transport for filming
2. a scene in which put out a forest fire with the help of the be-200, filmed with six cameras simultaneously
3. the film includes real footage of forest fires in the Krasnoyarsk Territory
4. not a single living tree was destroyed when creating the fire element, for this purpose large-scale forest decorations were used using purchased-cut trees

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It all started with the fact that at one point we were driving with my wife in the car and on the radio announced the premiere of the new film "Fire".

The first thought that came to me:

    i-  "again, a passing Russian film, which I do not want to waste my time on"

Although by the way, there were Russian premieres to which we went and go in principle regularly - these are military and historical films. And here is a completely different genre of film-drama / adventure. How did this film catch me and drag me to watch it?

actor Roman Kurtyny

The answer is simple - actor Roman Kurtyny. Yes, it was thanks to his participation in this film that my wife and I, in fact, went to the premiere.

Personally, we like this actor, charismatic and funny, kind and courageous, and most importantly - athletic! For example, I first saw him in the TV series "Fitness", where he played one of the main roles and the first impressions of him were formed as a comic and comedic character.

"I'm losing weight"

Then there was the film "I'm losing weight", where his image was also liked, I think that I played my role very well.

session in the cinema

However, something I started talking, thoughts aloud, go on. Naturally, we listened to what we said about the film live on the radio, then went to YouTube on the classics and watched the trailer of the film there, after which we finally decided to have an evening session in the cinema!

I will say this, the film did not tighten from the very beginning, but then it gradually opened up (I will not spoiler), the actors ' game is at a good level, well, my attention was focused on Roman.

Krachkov naivety

How he behaved in the frame, his facial expressions and gestures, his muscle play and some surprisingly real "Krachkov naivety", which was intertwined with rapid changes of masculinity and even aggression.

For understanding, he showed himself in the film in different ways, there were moments when Roman was a naive village boy, and there were also scenes where he "punished" real village lads for their unconscious hit-and-run to his person. And he did it in the style of Jason Statham, just like in the films "The Carrier", I'll be honest - I liked the scene, you can't even say that the Russians were shooting!

And of course Roman showed courage, determination and bravery, which were harmoniously combined with his image of an athletic paratrooper of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Here he is the only one who was ideally suited as an external image for the role of a lifeguard-my opinion.

Roman Kurtsyn

After the film, there were only positive impressions, the film held, some in the audience even cried-yes, there were such scenes.

And about Roman Kurtsyn I can say this, my opinion about him as an actor of the comedy genre (here I have the TV series "fitness" and everything here, it's like Sergey Bezrukov and "Brigade" - only on this series association with him) has changed dramatically, in my opinion it is very masculine and serious roles in which he can reveal his real male potential.

Perhaps this will end, of course you can tell a lot, but kept it to myself, since I am not some ardent film critic and, in principle, an avid movie buff, to make loud conclusions about the actors, I just shared my opinion, and you share in the comments, be sure to read!

Thank you all for your attention and I hope that my article was interesting and useful for you! If so, then put likes subscribe to the channel. All the best!

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